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    Naruto Character Registration

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    Re: Naruto Character Registration

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    Name: Han aberame hyuuga
    Nickname: N/A
    First IMVU Appearance: 4 years ago then they did updates making every thing weird.
    Name Meaning: Came from a village not on the map anymore.
    Hidden Village: None
    Rank: Kage
    Way of life: Sage
    Age: 37
    Home Village: Kurayami village
    Jounin Master: Yes
    Former Teams: N/A
    Former Students: yahikouchiha xAnikaLiBritanniax
    -Able to create illusions using sand and shadows, making the victim live their worst nightmares.
    -studied of every curse
    -Can manipulate electricity.
    - Able to spot chakra running through an opponent.
    -Known to set up traps that involve various poisons.
    -Able to extract bijuu although it’s not used often due to the fact that the ethics behind it are not fair to the jinchuriki host.
    -Can convert shadows into different types of metals by changing the chakra nature within them.
    -Can use titanium string that’s durable and compared to fishing line due to the appearance.
    -I am the 5 tailed beast gobi able to shift my chakra nature over to another one






    fire style fire dragon jutsu
    fire style twin fire dragon jutsu
    fire style tripple fire dragon jutsu
    fire style fire wall jutsu
    fire style fire ball jutsu
    fire style fire erosion jutsu
    fire style fire tornado jutsu

    earth style earth dome jutsu
    earth style earth spike jutsu
    earth style earth quake jutsu
    earth style earth elimination jutsu
    earth style trap hole jutsu

    water style water dragon jutsu
    water style twin water dragon justu
    water style tripple water dragon jutsu
    water style water bullet jutsu
    water style water explosion jutsu
    water style water wall jutsu
    water style water prism jutsu

    kurayami art shadow manipulation
    kurayami art shadow coffin
    kurayami art shadow crush
    kurayami art enternal darkness jutsu
    kurayami art 8trigram heavenly shadows
    kurayami art hidden kage jutsu
    kurayami art shadow puppet jutsu
    kurayami art shadow wall jutsu
    kurayami art death rain jutsu
    kurayami art needle tornado jutsu

    8 trigrams heavenly spin
    8 trigrams twin tiger fist
    8 trigram locus detonation
    8 trigram gentle fist art 64 palms
    8 trigram gentle fist art 128 palms

    Aburame art poisonous kikai detonation
    Aburame art bug barrier
    Aburame art sound destruction
    Aburame art insect summening
    Aburame ultimate defense insect jutsu

    Soon to come

    Goal: To do what I can in life and help people.
    Type of person: cocky playful and willing to put people in front of him self
    Signature Abilities: Controlling the shadows and sand and using illusions to help screw with my enemy’s mind/
    Advancement Data: 6
    Academy Grad Age: 7
    Chounin Exam Age: 10
    Weapons: Sword, strength, strings, kunai and shuriken.
    Current: strings sword kunai and shuriken
    Bloodline: hyuuga aberame and uchiha (i dont try and use the sharingan cuz hyuuga takes over the blood line)

    what you look like:



    Number Of People Sacrificed

    Sage story

    Han steps out of his house locking the door and looking out side through the night hearing the birds of kurayami singing in the pitch darkness. Han walks making his foot steps push down from the weight of his body. Han’s robe flows through the wind that is blowing through the village with a slight chill he smiles and looks up while stopping and looking at the moon it sparkles though the night Han breaths in heavily and hears a small girly voice ‘’HAN!!! HAAAAANNNNN!!!!!! ‘’ she shouts towards Han. Han would turn around seeing his best friend Saharra running towards him his small cold face would be pale with his hair blowing in the breeze his for head is revealed as his glasses shimmer from the moon light hitting his glasses he peers down towards Saharra the 14 year old girl that is running towards him she lets out one more girly yell ’’HAN!!!!!’’. Han blushes and his glasses fall off she stops in front of Han.

    Saharra asks ‘’[/b]Han what are you doing at this time of night’’[/b] Han is still blushing while bugs from inside his cloak flows down towards his glasses and wraps around them placing his glasses back onto his eyes while they are being held on by his ears. Han mutters a sentence that is very hard to hear from him being way to shy ’’…are….going……to’’ Han points towards the kurayami library with his left pointing finger with his left arm directed towards the library. Saharra says while she giggles ‘’Han you never make sense ill go see if Kuntos up maybe he will go out with me’’ Han gets a sweat drop by his head as he feels down knowing the girl of his dreams likes another guy. She runs off into the distance from the left side running off with her right foot first while Han imagines her holding her in his arms thinking that they were ment to be in love but every one knows Kunto was the one who gets all the glory from Han being the out sider due to the 5 tailed beast locked inside of him. Han sighs making air flow out of his lungs and into the atmosphere then he breaths in refilling his lungs turns around again and begins to walk towards the library in the cold night in kurayami village.

    The small 15 year old boy walks through the market place in kurayami feeling the cold pebbles and sand entering his shoes while he walks. Knowing the library might be locked he would just continue to walk towards it looking up at the sky seeing black clouds role by as he gets to the library. He steps up onto the first step then the second step and looks towards the door seeing the door slightly open with the ray of light from the library shining out of the building’s door making it shoot across the ground. Han wraps his cold little fingers around the cracks of the door opening it slightly he creeps his body in so no one could notice him Han would tip toe across the floor towards the first book case to hide from some one who might be in the library. He suddenly hears a huge crashing noise of books falling from the forbidden section of the kurayami jutsus.

    Han would quickly run while he sees a man in a black cloak jump out the doors and vanish in the night Han has read all the books in the library and knows every single one from the back of his hand. Han would then walk up towards the fallen books and looks at all the books that have fallen and he notices a weird book that has a picture of a beetle on it he takes because he was intrigued by the book. He would run out the library jumping over the fallen books and trolley that is almost right by the door. He blasts out the door with one loud bang and rushes to get to his house where he lived alone the dirt from the bottom of his feet would flow up in a dust making a slight cloud of dust behind him. Rocks would shoot up as his cloak flows behind him while he runs with his hair blowing through the wind of Han running making his hair flow left and right.

    Han runs past the market place Han would jump through the tables sliding across in seconds landing on the ground then continues to run leaving blurry foot prints into the dirt. He suddenly trips from his legs crossing one another making his body fall forward into the dirt as his glasses go flying into the air making them launch towards the left side and smashing his face right into a rock. Han blinks and while he stares it turns slightly blurry a man in a huge black coat looks down at Han and reaching out towards him with his left arm his hand opens with his fingers spread apart. Han would look at this man from a blur and the man would have his glasses in his right hand while Han reaches up grasping onto this mans hand and smiles. The man mutters ‘’little one you got to be more careful what were you running from any way hmm’’. Han pauses and says in a low shuddery voice ’’I uhh …….got…scared….from…um..uh…caaauhhhh dog’’. the man gives a puzzling look and laughs then looks down once more and says ‘’well I am Sasori sennin’’.

    Hans eyes would widen huge as he mutters the words sennin while his hand grasp onto Sasoris cold plastic hands. The human puppet would pull him off the ground making Han stand up while he looks towards his house while Sasori hands him his glasses moving his right arm towards his hand to Hans hand. Han grips onto the cold glasses and mutters the words ‘’I…uhhh gotta get home to bed or my uhh parents will be worried’’. Han lies to Sasori trying to make him not think he’s not an outsider little dose he know Sasori is a jinchuuriki to. Sasori smiles and says ’’alright youngling go to your family’’. Han would smile after putting the glasses back onto his face. Han would begin to walk towards his house.

    Han goes up to the front steps while he looks back to see if any one is around Han turns towards and face the door with his keys pointed towards the door as a sudden little sound of boo gose by Hans ear. Han would scream at the top of his lungs ’’AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’’. Han would jump into the door making a big bang smashing his face right onto the door as he turns around and sees Saharra. Han would blush heavily as she mutters ‘’what are you doing silly pants ‘’. Han eyes would widen still scared from what she did as he breaths in heavily then exhaling heavily. Han says ’’I……am…….trying….to…go….to…..sleep’’ for each pause he would be breathing in and out Han would quickly shove the key into the key hole unlocking it with a click and gripping onto the cold door handle twisting it and pushing his body into the door to move quickly inside and slamming the door shut with one loud bang.

    Han walks up to his room with the book in his cloak. Han opens his bedroom door and sits onto his bed with the book in his lap while he hears a meow from beside him Han would quickly look to the side seeing his cat Mr fuzzy the black cat would rub his back against Hans side. Han would smile and move his right hand to his cat to pet it. Feeling its soft fur between Hans fingers. Han feels the cover of the page with the bulging out Mushi sign Han flips the cover and begins to read as it says ’’walk a long distance towards and past the other valleys to the demon Vally where only little creatures can find the contract of the mushi clan the clan is strong ruthless but it is hard to tame for an animal summoning’’.

    Han would continue to read as it will go on and on about where it is from and about the clan suddenly the black robed man bursts through Hans window with a sudden crash the cat jumps up and rushes out of Hans room scraching is claws against the ground making mark's. The Sasori points a kunai at my throat as he says in an angry voice ’’you stole my book you little shit now give it back or die’’. Han would pause for a brief second and mutters ’’I uh didn’t steal it Mr. Sasori sir you dropped it in the library when you fell or something I didn’t know it was really yours’’. Sasori would look at the young boy and breath as he says if you knew it was mine why didn’t you give it back youngling’’ sasori grips the kunai tighter.
    Han looks into sasoris eyes ’’well sir you were moving to quick for me to tell it was yours so then the same question from befor that you asked me on why was I moving so fast so the questions in your hand what were you doing in the kurayami library making such a noise your not from around here’’. sasori looks at the young boy and sighs while he says ’’did you read that book’’. Han would shake his head up and down sasori sighs and says in a kind of tempered voice well I guess you and me are going on a little mission then to find the contract so pack your shit lets go Han would get up quickly rushing around his room grabbing all the stuff he needed like his ninja kit and what not

    to be continued

    After Han was packed and ready to go in the morning Han would lay back onto his soft bed with his bright blue sheets under his back making his bed a lot more comfy. Han would look at his sealing and hoping what he was doing was the right thing. Han would look at the group of his team of Kunto Saharra and his sensai Avenger. He would remember from the training of when he was with avenger and the others how saharra would go all lovey dovey all over Kunto would just sit there acting like he dose not care about her but to Han he would think Kunto is acting like this to just get her attention but even so Han would still be treated like an outsider from his villagers and other class mates. Han slowly closes his eyes feeling the cold air escape from the outside and flow through his bedroom making chills flow up his spine.

    While Han begins to fall asleep with his eyes closed at first he would see pitch darkness then an image of his past with the other 2 students and the teacher. Han would be trying to tackle Kunto for acting the way he did so Han would wound up and tackled Kunto from behind making a cracking noise exit his back. Kunto would land hard onto the ground while Han would try to feed him shots left and right his byakugan would be pounding with anger of how Kunto was treating saharra acting all cool like to get her attention. Avenger would step in trying to stop grabbing Han by the collar of the shirt ripping Han off instantly while Kunto would immediately pull out his kunai and run towards Han trying to kill him.

    Avenger would yell in a very loud pitch ‘’WOULD YOU GUYS FUCKING QUIT IT UR NOT ACTING LIKE SHINOBI’’ Han would give a glare towards Kunto while Kunto would stop in his tracks and give a glare back making the feeling worse. Han would instantly wake up from when the anger would build in his dreams. Han would sigh and roll to the other side saying in a low voice ‘’I hope I can get a date with Saharra ‘’ Han would sigh once more and falls asleep once more unknown he fell asleep he would begin to look back from when he was a small little kid in the academy school. Han would be left out of games and people would treat him differently because of the 5 tailed beast placed inside him every time Han would get mad or sad steam would erupted from around his shadow gourd that is placed on his back. And getting jounin in the village caught into a genjutsu that’s impossible to get out of from the effects of the gobi. The only one who was able to get through it was the council members who sealed Han with the gobi from them being in the high art of escaping the heavy genjutsu.

    Han would be pushed around by other kids calling Han awful names and such. But when he got home he would feel left out from no one being around him at all to comfort him through these times. Han would wake up instantly from the door bell ringing waking him up as he hears a girly voice ‘’HAN!!!! WAKY WAKY HANN!!!!!!!! PAY ATTENCHIN TO ME GOD DAMN IT’’ a rock would fly through the open window bouncing off the wall and hitting Han right in the nose. Han would slightly moan in pain getting up and rubbing his nose. Han would place his feet onto the cold floor and begin to walk down stares to open the door.

    Han places his left hand on the cold lock unlocking the door then in an instant the door flys open as Han gets smashed in the face by the door from Saharra glomping him right after she opened the door with incredible speed. Han would be flying back with Saharra wrapping her arms around him saying ‘’HI HAN!!!!!!’’. Han would grunt in pain while he blushes at the same time ‘’heh heh hi Saharra how are ……you’’ Han would try to lift her body up to get her off then she moves down making her knees go to the side of Han and she says ‘’Han want to go out on a date tomorrow’’ Hans eyes widen and his face goes completely red and he faints almost instantly knowing this cannot be happening. Saharra would look at the fainted body of the boy she just asked out so she would get up and run out side ripping off a stick off a tree branch with a lot of strength and run back into Hans house poking him in the cheek with it as she would say ‘’hey cutie wake up ‘’ her voice would raise higher ‘’ WAKE UP GOD DAMN IT’’ she would poke Han in the face a lot faster with the stick till the stick broke onto his face.

    So she bends down and starts poking him her self wit her soft finger. Then In an instant she would see Hans jashin necklace while it shines off the light as she yells out ‘’OOOOOOO SHINEY!!!!!!!!!!!’’ she would move her hands towards it almost looking like she is pawing at it. Han would begin to wake up to her nomming on his necklace as he says in a low voice ‘’ sa….sa..harra what are you doing’’ Han would slightly blush as she looks back and stops saying ‘’I just asked you out dumb ass you going to answer me or not’’. Han would remember what Sasori said and is kinda down as he says ‘’I cant tomorrow do to me leaving the village for training tomorrow from well I cant say we can do it tonight’’ Saharra looks down and says ‘’Han I never liked Kunto I just acted like I liked him to get your attention’’ Han would sit there blushing saying in a shuddery tone’’ Saharra I have liked you for a long time’’ Saharras face would glow with excitement and pushes her body towards Han pushing her lips against his. Han would feel her soft lips touch with his lip rings poking her on the bottom of her lips.

    Hans cheeks would begin to hurt from so much blushing. While the kiss was placed he would begin to close his eyes and imagine this moment for a long time. Han would make the kiss follow right after another to make the kiss last longer. Saharra would finally stop and get up saying ‘’k we are going on a date now’’. Han would nod his head and smile while she jumps up grabbing his hand almost instantly picking up his body and launching it out the door flying for the tree across the street smashing into it. Han would groan in pain sliding his left knee along the ground with his hands placed onto the ground as he lifts up his body. Han would look behind as he sees the girl he loves dancing in a circle.

    Han would just simply smile and walks up to her holding her hand as he begins to walk with her through the market place. Every one would look at Han holding Saharras hand thinking its wrong to be in love with something like Han. Han would begin to feel un easy and he looks at Saharra right after exiting the market place and he says ‘’ why did you decide to date some one like me Saharra’’ Saharra would look at Han and smile as she says ‘’you are a very beautiful person and your really kind to people and at the moment I think I am the only one who notices it so I wanted to date you Han and I figured out that I love you’’ Han would blush instantly and wraps his strong firm arms around her smiling. As he says in a low voice ‘’Saharra I love you’’ she would instantly blush and release a giggle and say ‘’I love you to’’ Han would look far off into the distance as he hears little kids from the academy classes running up to Han. Han would turn around noticing Antonio running towards Han waving a stick while he runs he trips making his head slid along the dirt with the rocks grinding against his face.

    Antonio would slide along the ground right to Hans feet Han would instantly look down while Saharra is still in his arms. Han says ‘’Antonio do you always have to try to kill me you know it wont happen with your clumsyness’’ Antonio begins to cry while Han and Saharra would walk away far off into the distance. While the walk Han feels the chakra nature of Antonio trying to sneak up behind him and throw a kunai at Han. Antonio would wind up his throw release the kunai as it falls onto his foot. Han would hear a scream in pain as he laughs at the little kid’s pain. Han begins to walk farther and farther away with Saharra while they begin to walk towards a bench that’s surrounding by trees bushes with the sounds of birds singing and other animals playing. The leaves of the tree’s would fall off while they walk creating a romantic scene. Han would grab Saharra by the hands and begins to say the horrible news. Han would mutter the words to Saharra while she is distracted by a gofer Han would look at her and slightly tear while he says ‘’Saharra I need you to stay with me on this im going away to this scroll thinger to make my self more of a better shinobi and a leader’’ as Han finishes Saharra would say ‘’as long as you promise to keep me in your heart at all times and promise you will come back for me’’ Han begins to slightly get a tear in his eyes ‘’alright Saharra I promise’’

    to be continued

    Its been another day in Kurayami village hidden in darkness for Han just yesterday he got the girl of his dreams. And ready to go off training with Sasori Sennin off to discover this animal scroll of the beetles. Han has to make travel with Sasori to find the scroll then sign it and talk to the animal that supports that scroll. Its going to be an amazing search but knowing Hans actions and past Han will be able to get through this.

    Han looks at Saharra and says ‘’ well its time for me to go pack the rest of my things so I can meet Sasori sensai at the gates’’ Saharra would look at him with a tear in her eye holding and gripping onto a small thing that she has griped into her hands as she reaches both her hands out and opening her hands revealing a toy squirrel. Han would look at it and say ‘’ a squirrel’’ she would stop and say ‘’OOOOO WHERE’’ Han would do an epic face palm with the slapping noise hitting his forehead then he would point at the toy and say ’’ the toy’’ she would smile and say ’’oh that’s right haha sorry im blond some times’’ Han would slightly laugh as he says good bye leaving her with one last passionate kiss the wind would blow around making there hair blow the birds would sing as leaves would fall and dance towards the ground Han would leave her soft lips and mutter the words ‘’I love you’’

    Han would smile and begin to move towards his house while she follows him home as she reaches her left arm out towards his right with her hand pointed out making her hand slide into his hand and began to grip his hand and walk at the same time. Han would smile and begin to grip her hand while he makes his way to his house. Han would turn around towards Saharra right in front of his door to his house and he mutters in a slight quivery voice ‘’I wll always think of you while I am on my mission ill always love you and I will die for you for you are the love of my life the one I need for ever and ever ‘’ Saharra would blush as she mutters’’ you are such a suck up but….. You are my suck up’’ Han would smile and open the door to his house by twisting the handle and walking in while leaning on the edge of the door looking at Saharra as she quickly gives one quick peck and waves good bye and heads towards her house with her foot steps thumping against the ground.

    Han would turn around closing his door and begin to walk towards his room. Han would enter and sigh looking at his team picture knowing he has to leave them and go searching of the Mushi scroll. Han would look towards his bag and walk towards his dresser pulling out a few cloths and placing them in his bag and begin to pack. Fe w hours later Han would walk down to his door looking outside seeing the sun setting the bright pink orange white and blue fill the skys making the area look beautiful Han starts to walk towards the gate as kunto runs by looking at Han then instantly stoping and saying ‘’where are you going you failed attempt of a shin obi’’ Han would show abit of anger and says ‘’no where so bug off kunto’’ kunto would smile and say ‘’ for that I am following where ever you go.

    Han would look at him and laugh slightly then continues to walk towards the gate. Kunto just begins to follow making fun of Han along the way as Han finally begins to feel the depression in his heart. Han would just try to ignore what Kunto says while they make it up to the gate finally while sasori jumps down from the top of the gate landing right in front of Kunto with Kunto falling to the ground instantly all terrified from what sassori did. Sasori would raise his left eyebrow slightly and say ‘’hes not coming with us’’ Han mutters the words ‘’he……has…..been’’ Han would stop and a tear run’s down his eyes as sasori looks at the young boor that’s beginning to tear. Sasori would wipe |Hans tear with his index finger saying ‘’what ever this boy says use it as another step in getting that scroll so you shouldn’t let kids like this kid get in your way hes meaningless to you’’ Han would smile and looks at Kunto saying ‘’ Kunto you cannot come with because I am leaving the village for abit and when I get back ill try to run for kurakage’’
    kunto laughs and says ‘’your never be kurakage your a disgrace to this village you are a mut and that’s all you will ever be. You think this village will elect some one who has a demonic spirit of a beast locked inside them I don’t think so you should go back to your house and die’’ Kunto would laugh after as he gets up and runs away as fast as he could making dirt flow behind him.

    Sasori would look at the young boy after getting these hurtful words. Sasori begins to think about what that boy said. Sasori says in a low voice ‘’what dose he mean a demonic spirit locked inside you’’ Han would sigh and say ‘’now you will think the same thing as him if I told you I will leave you alone sasori sensai’ Han would begin to walk away while he feels a quick grab onto his shoulders spinning him around making him look at sasori sensai. Han would show a tear while Sasori says ‘’ don’t worry han I will never treat you the same way as your villagers I will say this to you there are others out there like you with spirits inside of them and I am one of them’’. the wind blows rapidly while sasori says I am one of them. Han looks and says ‘’ your just trying to make me feel better sasori sensai ‘’ sasori sighs pulling up his shirt slightly revealing the sealing on his stomach. Han would stare at is puzzled at what he saw as han pulls up his shirt revealing the sealing on his stomach Han would smile at sasori and say ’’you weren’t lying about that you do have a spirit inside of you’’. sasori smiles saying ‘’I got the nine tailed fox spirit inside of me’’ Han would stare and slightly frightened at what he has heard. Han would look both ways saying in a low tone’’ I got the 5 tailed beast locked inside me ‘’ sasoris eyes widen and smile while he says well you got the beast named gobi locked inside of you you can create illusions with mist after we get this difficult scroll I shall teach you or you will find out how to use it later on by yours self’’.

    Han would smile and say ‘’ I cant wait ‘’ sasori looks back at the sky and the small village then down to the young boy saying’’ but I will say one more thing before we leave if you leave this village this is all your choice but remember this if you leave there is a slight chance you might not come back when if we find the scroll and you talk to that animal that supports the scroll you would be going in a thing called sage training during this you could possibly die or let lose the 5 tails and it will take over your body’’ han would look at sasori frightened at what he said then he begins to think and says ’’ok I will do this I want to try to show to my village that I am not just a beast I want to show them I am some one’’ han would show his face all happy with dedication to complete this task. Han would look at his village and shouting in a high loud firm voice ‘’ I will be kurakage ever y one and I will show you that im not just a beast I am another shin obi like all of you.’’ han would smile after and looks up at sasori saying in a calm voice ‘’ k sasori sensai are we able to leave ‘’.

    Sasori looks at the young boy smiling and says ‘’alright youngling lets go find that scroll’’

    And now the to shin obis are off to go seek the mushi scroll


    Han would look back as he sees his village fading with each step he takes. He smiles as he looks up as sasori sennin. With each step they take would leave foot prints of there shoes into the damp dirt. Breaking twigs as they walk Han would open his mouth with words escaping as he mutters the words ‘’Sasori sensai where are we going first’’ the two shin obi would continue to walk down the path while each step makes the village dissipear slowly. Sasori would look at the young shin obi and says ‘’ well first we have to go through Amegakure village hidden in the rain’’ Han would smile after hearing that shouting out loud as he begins to skip across the dirt saying ‘’NEW VILLAGE NEW PEOPLE NEW ADVENTURE WHERE DOSE IT GO WRONG’’. Hans shoe would cetch into a tree root as he falls and smashes his face against the ground with one loud thud.

    Han would moan in pain and mutter the word ‘’ow’’ sasori sennin would stare at him and slightly chuckle then says ‘’ well if you don’t watch where your going every thing wrong can happen’’ han would slowly get up as he blushes with sasori and han continue to walk down the path that leads deeper into the dead woods. Han would look back un able to see his village now. Han looks up at sasori and mutters the words ‘’are we there yet’’ sasori looks down giving kinda an annoyed look saying ‘’if you try to start this are you there shit ill rip every bone out of your body’’ hans eyes would widen as he shuts up and walks along side of sasori.

    The forest would begin to get green and filled with wildlife showing the slightly dry ground with trees growing healthy. Birds chirping away and singing a beautiful melody. Han smiles while sasori jumps towards tree branch making sasoris hair move and his traveler’s robe flow through the air like a flag in the wind. Han would jump towards the branch that sasoris is on sasori looks at Han and says ‘’k stay with me as much as you can here there might be muggers or assassins or what not out to get us but the possibility of that is highly unlikely since well only you and me know of this and besides your little girl friend. ‘’ Han would nod his head as sasori jumps from one branch to another with all his cloths flowing Han begins to follow right behind sasori.

    Jumping from tree branch to tree branch making are travel a lot quicker with are feet landing on the branch making leaves fall sasori. As sasori begins to say ‘’k han lets pick up abit of speed so we can get there little bit faster. Han would smile and says ‘’alright sensai’’ they begin to pick up speed leaving there body’s looking like black lines in the trees jumping from one branch to another. 4 hours has past as the sun begins to go down. Leaving a nice pinky blue look in the sky. Han and sasori jump down from the trees into the wide open ground where you can just see the moon coming out. Han begins to hear crickets and other animals playing there songs of night. Han looks at sasori saying in a low voice ‘’sasori sennin why are we stopping’’ sasori looks at han and says ‘’I believe we can camp here for tonight no one seems to be trying to mug us or do any thing so were safe to sleep’’ han would smile while he would begin to do a few hand signs with his hand signs he would focus his chakra onto his earth element making the two things conect han would mutter the words ‘’earth dome jutsu’’.

    han would smile while he looks back at sasori hoping he would be impressed while he looks back he hears a big boom as sasori makes his own eath dome. Han would feel sad as they both go and sleep inside of there dome till the morning hits. The night would get colder but inside the dome would be nice and warm. Han would smile then fall asleep from the noises out side the wind flowing through the trees owls making there noises. And wolves howling at the moon. 8 hours later han would be woken up from sasori standing over Han. Han would rub his eyes as sasori mutters ‘’ time to wake up were only 4 hours away from amegakure’’ han would stand up as they begin to walk towards amegakure once again with han feeling abit drowsy.

    About 2 hours later han would feel rain drops hit him a small light drizzle then it would pour down hitting his face and cloths making him completely wet as well as sasori. Sasori would continue to walk with han by his side towards amegakure han would begin to see the gates. Han would begin to step into mud where his shoe prints would be pushed into lifting his feet up water would spray into the air for each step from the suction of the mud and his shoes. Eatch passing moment that gose by han would see the gates of amegakure.
    Han would see no birds what so ever only dark rainy clouds in the sky. Han would look to the side seeing small ponds with ducks and geese but that’s about it. Han would enter into amegakure with sasori han would suddenly slip on water as sasori watches han smashing his face against the gate of amegakure. Sasori just shakes his head and chuckles. Han would look back and says ‘’that wasn’t funny I swear I have total balance over things.’’ Sasori just laughs at han then mutters [/b]‘’ if that was balance then your sadly mistaken youngling’’[/b] he would begin to laugh as they enter the gates with a few amegakure jounins walk towards them asking why are they here’ sasori would answer ‘’were heading towards death vally would you happen to know what way you can point us to then we will be on are way ‘’. the jounin mutter go ask konan chan she should be by the market place we will take you there. Sasori and han would follow the 2 jouning while in the back ground there would be 4 other shin obi in black robes watching sasori and han from a distant while they talk amongst them selves ‘’ look sasoris back but whos the brat ‘’ says the first shin obi the second would mutter ‘’ his head band is unfamiliar its not a head band I have seen befor’’ the third one would mutter [/b] ’’we should see his power or just kill the young dress wearing boy and maybe we can take over a village’’ [/b] all of a sudden they all laugh while sasori and han would approach konan. Sasori would mutter ’’ why hello konan long time no see’’ he would slightly chuckle while han stays in the back ground quiet and shy konan would be dressed in a red and black coat with blue hair and a watered down paper flower in her hair. She would mutter ‘’yes it has been a long time what can I do you for this time ‘’ sasori would smile and ask ‘’ what way is death vally her eyes widen and says ‘’ its east from here just don’t get lost’’ sasori says thank your always help full and don’t worry we shall not get lost’’.

    Han and sasori head there way to a restaurant. The jounin that followed them left as they just keep an eye on the two shin obi just incase. Han would look at sasori as sasori asks han ’’ so han what would you like to eat this place is great for fishing so ill buy you any type of fish for now next time you buy me dinner is that a deal’’ han would smile and nod his head as he mutters ’’ I want sushi lots and lots of sushi’’


    Sasori and han would walk out of the restaurant feeling full sasori would look at Han and says ’’ I cant believe you eaten that much sushi you made me broke ‘’ han would smile and burp while they start to head out towards the forest that’s slightly out of amegakure. Sasori smiles while they begin to walk out side past the back gates of amegakure while it continues to rain. They begin to walk the harsh muddy paths. In the opening where they continue to be drenched in rain. All that’s heard is splats of watter echoing from all around hitting the puddles ponds and the river that flows beside them. They travel for 6 minuts in a wide open area as they begin to enter a forest with the greenest leaves they have ever seen. Han smiles at the healthiness of the woods. Bugs flow happily birds chirping animals playing. Han looks far off into the distance as he sees a small kid Han would look up at sasori saying ‘’um sasori sensai theres a kid all alone can I go and see if he’s alright’’ sasori looks down even though the kid is on a different path that there heading the boys heading west when sasori and han are heading west’’ k fine but be quick about it alright’’ han smiles and runs for the kid but using the shadows to sound quiet. Han would reach up to the boy watching him put his things in his bags.

    Then suddenly han would walk up to the boy with a smile putting his hand onto his shoulder the kid would look back seeing hans face. Han would keep his smile while he says ‘’are you ok you looked like you needed help ‘’ the kid would blush saying ‘’no im fine’’ [/b] han would go on his knees showing him a little lady bug in his hand as he makes the bug go onto the kids nose. Han smiles as the kid would smile crossing his eyes to the lady bug as he laughs slightly. Han asks in a calm gentle voice ‘’so little one whats your name ‘’ the little kid would begin to act shy and starts to studder ‘’m… m… m… my…n … ..same’’ han smile and says to the young boy saying ‘’same doesn’t that name mean shark well im Han ‘’ same would blush as he looks at sasori that’s standing behind them with sasori body heading east. Han would look at the boys head as he says ‘’ oh him hes my sensai sasori sennin ‘’ same would smile then he begins to look at han and asks ‘’where a…a….are you guys going’’ han looks at the boy and mutters ‘’ well were on an epic mysterious mission where no one has gone befor ‘’ han would pause and say ‘’would you care to join’’ same’s face would brighten up and say ’’ yes hanny i would like that very much ‘’ han would pause as he smiles at the word hanny.

    Same begins to head towards sasori with han walking beside him han would stop and look at sasori as he says ‘’sorry sasori sensai hes coming with hes not safe here all alone in these woods who knows there could be bandits’’ sasori would look at them puzzled then sighs saying ‘’but he will only slow us down on are misson what if something dangerous dose come’’ sasori shouts at han. Han would say in a calm voice ’’ well if that is the case I can just use my kikaichu.’’ han smiles sasori looks slightly annoyed then says in an angered voice ‘’ fine but he would have to be able to catch up’’ same would jump and spin in a circle smiling. As they all begin to head east way in behind them are a few ninjas from amegakure that were watching them begin to follow but keeping a fair distance.

    Han would point his hands out in front of him as the cork on hans gourd pops off with one loud pop. Same watches with amazement as the kikaichu flow out from the gourd and out of hans clothing. Spreading every where around them. Sasori just stands there and watches while same smiles and says ’’oh hanny that was awesome how can you do that with buggys’’ han smiles and says ’’ my specialty’’ he would look around and so they just continue walking. As sasori looks at the to boys saying to same in a low voice ‘’ so same are you hungry’’ same would shake his head yes then sasori reaches into his coat puling out an apple and tossing it to same. Same would catch it and begin to eat it revealing his shark teeth. As his teeth pry at the apple. Sasori would look at same and smile. As they finally get out of the rain from hitting them. Han would say in a low voice ’’finally god damn it out of this dreaded rain’’ sasori mutters ’’mabe we should camp right here or should we move a little bit ahead.’’

    Han would look both all around and says ‘’ I think here will do what do you think same’’ same would look at han saying ‘’ I think this is a good spot hanny’’ han would smile putting his hand on the kids head and ruffling his hair. As his hair becomes messy some of sames hair curls and some just stay where they are. Han would do a quick hand sign while he mutters the words ‘’earth dome jutsu’’ a dome would flow around same sasori and him. Sasori would begin to make a fire to keep them warm. While the bugs han released sits on top of the dome protecting and slightly digging into it so its hard to see them.

    Morning hits as han wakes up looking towards same and sasori, han would stretch . Han smiles looking at same knowing hes going to become a strong shin obi when hes older. Han gets up and heads towards sasori . As he shakes sasori to get him up sasori would swat his hans hands away. Han would just continue to shake him till he got up. Sasoris eyes would open as he peers towards han smiling. ‘’k han I get it on towards death vally lets go.’’ han would mutter ‘’ ill wake up same ‘’ han walks over to same placing a hand on the boys chest and begins to shakes him till he woke up. Same would wake up groaning and saying ‘’im up im up I get it’’ they would head outside as the bugs would separate from the dome and head towards the forest once again. Spreading all around to keep every thing under watch or attack something if there is something.

    They would continue to walk as han feels a small tug on his cloths he would look down at what was tugging revealing sames hands on his robe. Han looks at the boy saying ‘’yes same’’ same looks up saying ‘’hanny why do we have to travel so far for this misson’’ han smiles saying ‘’ its cuz its an epic mission we have to find this sirten tree with a scroll inside.’’ sames eyes would widen then says ‘’that’s so cool I wanna find the scroll’’ he pauses for a second ‘’whats the scroll do ‘’ han would smile ‘’well idk yet that’s what makes this mission so epic’’ same would smile and jump up and down saying [b]‘’neat I wanna find the scroll’’ [b/]


    The Land of Rain, Amegakure the Village Hidden in the Rain. A war torn country, torn asunder by the Second Great Shinobi War and civil war. Hanzo the Salamander the self-acclaimed Third Amekage, lead Amegakure during the civil war that threatened to tear the vilalge in half and leave it forever in ruins. Through the destruction, pain, anger, and hate a small group of Shinobi stood up to the Salamander and his shinobi of hate. These members were known as the Akatsuki, the rising dawn, they stood for the rising of a new dawn for Amegakure, a dawn of peace and prosperity. During the raging battles between the Akatsuki and Amegakure Shinobi under the Salamander’s command, a small village lived in slight peace far away from the battlefield and the hate within the cities. A small child named, Same Fuuma, lived with his family in a small village. This is his story.

    The rain poured down in a soft pitter patter on the roof of the small house, the smell of food cooking would drift through the house along with the sounds of people laughing and talking of the days work and the plans of tomorrow. If one were to walk through this home it would be no different from any other house in this small village, one kitchen that took most of the house, a living room made to reflect the warmth and love that filled the house a fireplace in the center of the room to keep it warm on days such as these. Thou unlike most houses this house had a second floor that contained the bedrooms of each member of the house, a master bedroom for the father and mother, two medium size bedrooms for the children and a small bedroom for guest.
    In this house lived a couple with two children a boy and a girl, The fathers name was, Hiro Fuuma, he was considered most generous man of the small village, always putting others in front his own needs. The mother of the family name was Fumiko Fuuma, she was considered the Jewel of the small village. Her beauty as the many men have stated is that of a goddess or of legend, however only her heart of gold shined more beautifully than her smile. They both were in blissful love, never fighting or arguing over trivial matters. They had a son named Same Fuuma, and as you can ask any of the villagers he lived up to his shark name, He was known for always being in the rain or playing with water, and when it came to eating he always some how managed to put the most away, but after 4 years of bliss with Same both Fumiko and Hiro decided to bare another child. Nine months later a baby girl named Cheiko Fumma was brought into the world. She was always a smart child and never fused over small things and never caused any trouble for her father and mother. Same adored his little sister, always bragging about her to the other kids and other parents. However thou.. no matter how peaceful or far away their village was war always reaches the innocent eventually, and when it does, it ruins lives and changes them forever.

    The rain would be pouring down at its normal playful pace keeping the crops joyfully watered and keeping the village cool from the previous days heat, through the rain a small child could be seen running around playing in the gentle downpour and splashing around in the mud, but a voice would break the silence of the child’s giggles and cheerful squeaks. “Same! Time to come in its getting cold out side and we don’t need you sick around Cheiko!” a female voice would say from the inside of a door way, a warm light glowing behind her almost as if saying come be loved by my light and warmed by my glow. Same would turn to where the voice cried out from and smile, “ OK Mom!” he would run happily and care free through the rain into the doorway where he would embrace the women and smile, a smile that could only show pure love and joy being with this person, just how one always feels in the embrace of their mother. “Did you have fun playing in the rain?” Fumiko would ask smiling back at her son. “Of course momma, I always have fun playing in the rain.” he would giggle and run inside to go find his father, as he darted inside Fumiko would smile and shut the door to keep the cold from getting inside the warm house. Same would run into the den of the house seeing his father sitting in his chair deep in thought, same would run up and jump in his lap shocking him out of his deep thought and the man would laugh and embrace his son. “Hey little man, did mom tell you to come in?” Hiro would smile at the boy as his says this. “Yeah momma said it was getting cold and she does’t want baby sis to get sick.” Same would cuddle into the man feeling his warmth and the comfort of his arms around him smiling in blissful happiness. “Speaking of, his father would say, you should go check on your baby sister.” the man would put Same down with gentleness and ease and watch as his son would run off upstairs. As soon as Same would dissappear upstairs Fumiko would look at Hiro with a worried expression. “Dear.. i’ve seen that look before.. its getting closer isn’t it.” Hiro would look at his wife and instead of giving her the usual smile and promise everything is OK, he frowned and looked away. “The closest village was overrun three days ago.., he would stare into the fire, we should consider leaving.. I would say tonight but Chieko would’nt be able to stand the cold.” Fumiko would sigh and nod in agreement, returning to the kitchen to finish up the families favorite dinner, shrimp and beef ramen. Same would quietly open the door to Chieko’s room and quietly walks over to her crib and looks over it and smiles at his baby sister. “ Hey baby sis... big bro is here.” he would keep smiling down at sister watching her coo and move around giggling happily at the sight of her older brother.”Same! Get your baby sister and bring her down here its time for dinner.” Fumiko would shout from the kitchen, Same would carefully and lovingly pick his sister out of her crib and carry her downstairs giggling with her as they stepped into the kitchen. As Hiro walked into the kitchen they all sat down each one getting a bowl full of the shrimp and beef ramen. “Yay! Mommy made Same’s favorite!” he would shout with glee and dig into the ramen, Hiro and Fumiko would laugh at their sun and eat to, Fumiko taking breaks to help feed Chieko small bites of shrimp and beef. As they all would eat happy and quietly Hiro would finish his bowl first and get up and cleans it out, he would notice the flames of the fire starting to die. “Same can you be a big boy and get some more firewood from the shed?” as he asked this he put his bowl away and look over at Same who happens to slurp down the rest of his bowl with a bright smile licking his lips. “Of course daddy, Same will go get some more wood from the shed.” he would happily jumps out of his chair and runs out back while Fumiko would say something but would be drowned out by the noise of the rain. “Same get as much wood for daddy and the fire.” he would open the door and start to gather up as much wood as he can into his tiny arms. “ Just a few more pieces and I can...go..... home..” Same would suddenly find himself floating in space his body seemed to be frozen still. “Wha..whats going on why can’t I move.. uuhh MOMMY!! DADDY!!” he would cry out for help but his pleases reached deaf ears, Same would find himself crying and pleading for whatever is happening to him to stop, as he keeps crying a voice would finally break the silence, the voice was cold and full of evil intent,”Well.. what did we catch in our spider web.” the voice would echo throughout Same’s head and he would once again start pleading to be let go but his pleads would only bring laughter from the cold voice.” Lets let you watch your family die..over..and over.. and over again.” Same would then find himself flying through space images of his family being slaughtered in the most horrible ways would assault his eyes. Same would plead, cry, beg, and do anything to make it stop it seemed to go on forever the images of his dead family images of his friends being slaughtered assaulted his eyes for what seemed like years only a few minutes passed in the real world. “Heh.. I think you’ve had enough.” the voice would say amused, Same’s vision would suddenly return seeing the shack and the wood piled up the smell of the rain would return to him feeling it hit his skin and slink off of him, as his mind returns to the world he would falls to the ground passed out his body and mind at its limits.
    Same would wake up hours later the patter of rain assaulting his face rolling down the sides of his face, his clothes stuck to his skin soaked through and through.”Huh.. sis..” he would sit up slowly his head throbbing with intense pain, his stomach growling in protest of the lack of food. Same would slowly stand up and stumbles back to the house, as he would open the door and a rotten stench would hit him in the face and same would almost double over from the smell, grabbing his nose he would yell out,”MOM.. DAD!.. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!” he would wander through the house dazed,confused,hungry,scared, and tired. As Same stumbles through the house he enters the den and stops his eyes grow wide his heart skips and pumps fast and hard he begins to breath fast and shallow the rotten smell hitting him like bricks hitting concrete.”M-m-mom...d-d-dad.. b-b-bay s-s-sis..” In front of him lies a gruesome sight, his kind father now pinned against the wall his body covered in blood, his wrist and neck were slit for a slow and painful death, kunai were buried into his chest and stomach. Same would fall back onto the ground staring in horror, his mother clothes were torn and shredded her body was covered in blood and soiled, and in the middle of the carnage lied a small red stained blanket. Same would look at the sight they way one would look at severed head of a love one. Same would rush out of the house into the center of the village only to be assaulted by the sight of everyone he knows lying in puddles of their own blood the rain spreading the puddles through the whole village, covering the entire ground in the blood of the fallen. “Wha..whats.. it can’t.. my mommy and daddy.. my baby sister.. my friends.. and.. and everyone else.” Same would just seem to go limp right where he stood, his knees smacking onto the ground sending some blood to splash over his cloths and face. Same would stare at the ground horrified and he would hear that same cold voice would reach his ears, “ So.. you didn’t die from shock.. heh that only means we all get to have some fun with you.” The figure would step out and walk towards Same and soon other figures would join him all laughing at the shivering figure that is Same. “You.. you killed everyone..” he would continue to just kneel in the pool of blood, un-noticable to the Shinobi the water around Same would start to circle. The same cold voice would respond, “Lets hurry up and kill this kid.. we gotta report to Danzo soon.” they all would agree and take out Kunai and aim at same.”You..all did this... you killed everyone.., as same talked the water would start to churn more aggressively, you all will pay.. I swear you all will pay.” Same would slowly start to stand up, as he stood the sound of the Kunai flying through the air reached Same’s ears. “You all will pay!” he would swing his body towards the Shinobi, his eyes instead of their light happy blue now have a ripple pattern surrounding his whole eye and the blood on the floor would suddenly burst form the ground and trap every Kunai in its grasp. The same cold voice now filled with fear,”WHAT! He it can’t! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” he would scream in panic, as the other Shinobi would turn to run suddenly two of them would drop, the blood water had launched itself through their chest spinning around at such a force it would rip a limb off even if it had glazed the men. As the blood water rips through the men more and more water would add into the attack killing two more men with the same attack as before.”I WILL MAKE YOU ALL PAY!” Same would scream at them hate filled his voice, the water would them form together and make two claw like hands made of the blood and water, Same would continue to scream at the Shinobi that they would pay for what they have done. Same would swing his arms and the water claws would follow his movements slamming a shinobi down into the ground breaking every bone in his body as the other claw would smack the second to last shinobi through a building breaking his spine into splinters. The cold voice now filled with panic and fear would try to crawl away from Same, “YOU! YOU DID ALL OF THIS!” Same would scream at him hate filled his voice, tears running down his cheeks he would throw his arms back the two blood water claws would form into a giant sphere, “JUST DIE!!” Same would scream at the man as he threw his hands at him the sphere of blood water would throw itself at the man taking the form of a massive shark and hitting the man with enough force it would blow chunks of skin off him, crushing his chest in a single blow, ripping more skin off his fragile body. The Giant blood water shark would explode into the side of Same’s house bringing it down on the Shinobi. Same would fall on his knees crying his heart out as his eyes would return to their normal happy light blue all the blood water would collapses to the ground, Same soon following the water passing out from exhaustion and emotional trauma.

    Same would wake up what would seem like days have passed, the sun would beat down on his face and on the village. Same would slowly sit up and look down at the ground knowing only death surrounded him, his eyes would be a dim blue, completely lifeless. “I’m.. all alone..” same would mutter to himself, he would pick himself up feeling his body complain and try to resist, but Same would stand up all the same and walks towards the village exit. Once outside he would lift his head and look around,”Dad did say the capital was over there..” Same would look towards the west.”Maybe.. I can get help..” as Same would mutter this to himself he would start the long journey west.

    to be continued


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    Five days would have gone by since the massacre that had hit Same’s home, the small child would be dragging his feet across the dirt road, each foot step taking every ounce of will in the child, his clothes would be turn from catching on branches when walking through the many forests that outline Amegakure. They would be soiled by mud during the heavy down pours that frequently visited the Amegakure land. Same would find himself being passed by many travelers and Shinobi, each one baring the child no mind or refusing his existence, yet he would push on with ever ounce of strength and will left in him. He would soon stumble upon a sign saying, “Amegakure Capital - 1 mile” he would let out a small sigh, “ Just.. a little more.” as those four words escaped his lips he would collapse to the ground his world entering an abyss of darkness.
    Soon a soft calm voice would reach his ears, “ Don't worry. You are not to go yet, since there is something familiar about you..” the child would slowly open his eyes and look into the face of a slightly pale woman, her eyes were a soft grey, her blue hair was tied up in a bun in the back her bangs following the shape of her face, a small paper flower would hold the bun up. “Who.. are you.. where.. am I” the child would mutter weakly trying with every ounce of strength to sit up."I am not of Great importance; but this is not a place to die nor to survive alone...By the way, What is your name? Can you follow me?" She pulls out a small loaf of bread form under her lengthy black cloak and holds the bread loaf out towards the young child. Same would reach out for the loaf of bread and grabs it gently from her hand but then dig into it ravenously, speaking shortly between each bite, “” he would finish the bread quickly and look up to the woman, “I can follow you.. but you promise not to hurt me..” he would ask hopefully. She looked towards the young boy with her soft grey eyes and said in a soft yet light tone, "I wont harm you; but being out here where enemies can attack us is not safe, so we need to head out of here. Ok..?" Same would look up at the woman his happy light blue eyes filled with hope,sadness,fear, and happiness nodded softly and took her hand gentle his hand barely taking up a quarter of hers. She clasped her hand around the young Same's hand and she tried to walk in a quickened pace towards the eastern region of Amegakure, towards the central area where her teammates Yahiko and Nagato were awaiting for her with their comrades. Same would barely keep up with the woman’s pace his short legs almost running to keep up with hers, he would soon find himself entering a strange territory holding on to the woman’s hand tighter starting to fall behind her exhaustion from the previous day catching up to him rapidly. “Can we slow down please..” his voice almost pleading to the woman. She stopped in her tracks and knelt down then says to Same, " Climb on...Cause might have visitors shortly if not already watching..." Same would climb onto her back wrapping his arms gently around her neck and holding on tight with his legs. “OK.. i’m ready.” he would say softly. The woman would once again begin to run deeper into the unknown territory, the child clinging onto her trying to take in the sights,smells, and sounds but the woman would rapidly approached a small clearing and stop. Shortly two other figures would come out of the shadows wearing the same cloak as herself. Two tall and young men stand in front of her and Same. One young man with red crisp hair and rippled-ringed grayish eyeS stands up waving to her then so does the other young man with spiky orange hair and brown eyes. The two men say softly and as the orange haired man said with a teasing voice, " Hey Konan... You ok? ....Hmm?" As they both said what they did they asked, " Hey.... who is that ?" Same would look at the two and slink somewhat behind her back and then look over at the man with the red hair and lock eyes with him. Deep inside Same something stirred, he could fell that power the he unleashed onto those Shinobi churning inside of him he could feel the power slinking its way through his body heading for eyes to reveal itself to the red haired man. He would dart his head behind the woman’s back trying to get rid of this feeling. She looked at them and chuckled," Heh... I found this lil guy here on the ground almost like how I found you, Nagato..." She stood up straight and continued in a soft tone, "He says his name is Same." Nagato looks at the young boy on Konan's back with a curious yet intrigued look. As Nagato looked at the kid Yahiko said in a sarcastic tone, "Oh... Kay.... Looks like another of our team and or seems some what like you Nagato...Hehe..." Same would slowly peek up from Konan’s back he would keep his eyes to the ground, “ Y-yes my name is S-same..”. As Same finished his reply, Yahiko leaned forward and got his face closer to Same's. Yahiko said as he looked Same in the eye, "So... Do you have a family to go to and or did you wander from your family...?" Same would be stunned for a moment at the man’s sudden movement and blunt question. Same would look at the man in the eye his light blue eye losing all life, “ They were killed... by Shinobi.. my whole village... slaughtered..” his voice would become cold and unattached to the world. As soon as Same said that, Nagato seemed stunned and relaxes his eyes slightly and he look towards Same and says in a stilled and chilled voice, "Were the Shinobi from Konohagakure....?" As Nagato said that, Yahiko stood up fully and looks at Nagato then Same multiple times back and forth between them and ponders to himself while awaiting the response from Same. Same would look at Nagato, that same feeling from before would return but he would push this aside, his eyes still lifeless and distant. “Yes.. but they.. they were different from the others.. they were heartless and cruel.. they tortured my family.. and the rest of my village. They said something about a man named.. Danzo.” Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato went all silent for a moment. After the moment passed Nagato clentched his fist and Yahiko spoke with aggitation in his voice, "Danzo sent his men to help Hanzo to attack and fight us and the other people of Amegakure...That... That...u...ghh... Those men are twisted, they think they can trample all of the peoples' hopes and dreams down and kill innocent and cause our
    lands and homes to become shamble where poverty lives...." While Yahiko said what he was saying, Konan's eyes

    dimmed to some worry yet troubled. Same would look up to Nagato the pulse of power would reach farther and deeper into Same’s body instead of trying to stop it Same would let it continue to grow and push forward. “Nagato..” Same would whisper softly. Nagato looked up and Konan and Yahiko looked to Nagato. Yahiko said in a quiet yet stern tone, " Ok, we are not going to get rid of the enemies by standing here and also they might be on their way here...Best to do would head to our main hide out....Right, guys?" Same would say with more strength feeling himself starting to slip back into the darkness the power surging through his body sapping the rest of the energy the he had left in him, “ Nagato..”. Nagato relaxed his hand and allowed it to fall open, as he looked towards Same then said, "hm...?Yes, Same?" Same would lock his eyes with Nagato feeling the power rush into his eyes feeling them change into what they did that one night, that night that forever change Same’s life, “You have it to..” he would say and then feel his mind return to the blackness that gripped him back at the sign. Nagato gave a light nod with intrigue then he looked to Yahiko, as he nodded the three would agree it would be time to move out.


    Same would wake up slowly his head throbbing his stomach grumbling his bones creaking and his muscles groaning. “Ugh..” Same would look around the small cabin and slowly get out of the small bed and begin to look around trying to get use to this small shack. “I wonder where those three are..” he would continue to look around the small shack, he would jump as a voice sounded out behind him. Konan appears from the direction of the voice with a plate of eggs and a piece of cooked beef and a slice of bread as well as a glass of water in hand. She stood there looking at Same, as Nagato came behind her and took the items and held them out to Same. Konan then says, "Nagato.... I'm a look for Yahiko and see what is up...You coming?" Nagato shook his head and looked towards Same and says gently, " Nah.. I'll catch up some time... I'm a see and talk with our new lil friend here....." Konan nodded and leaped out and moved onwards to Yahiko, while Nagato held out the food and drink saying warmly, " Ok, eat up, it will help you get a little stronger and make you feel better." Same would look at Nagato then at the food and take it gently but dig in ravenously barely pausing to swallow before putting more food into his mouth finishing the plate shortly and downs the glass of water and lets out a sigh of relief and smiles at Nagato, “Thank you.. for everything.. I haven’t eaten in what seems like forever.” Nagato looked at Same with a friendly smile and laughs a little. Nagato gently pats Same on the back and says gently, "Well it is no problem, I personally know the same feeling as you and been through something so similar where i know asking about things like before is hard; but lets get our minds Off of that. Let me tell you I can be your friend... So... what's your dream or goal?" Same would look at Nagato and look down then back up with a smile, “My goal.. is to make sure that no one has to suffer anymore..” as Same says this he raises his right arm and clenches his fist. Nagato smiled and nodded, as he says, "Well if we get through what we are trying to do, things may get better...Even Yahiko dreams what you dream in a way... Hm..." Then Nagato went into a deep thought. Same would look at Nagato and look down mustering his courage then he looks up. “Nagato can you tell me what this bond that we share is..” as he says this he can feel the power start to flood back into his eyes feeling them change once more, but instead of feeling himself being drained Same felt more confident and ready to take on the world. Nagato looked at Same and said calmly, "Same... For me to explain it, it is going to be difficult to say. Same, I will tell you something I have not told any or very very few...Like you to a point, my mother and father were killed in front of me and right near me while i was a child... Their killers were Shinobi from the Konohagakure which Danzo sent to support Hanzo....

    ...But I blacked out...When i awoke, the leaf nin were dead on the ground... and i took what very little of hte scraps of food that was left inside the house then left the house for more food... after a couple days i ran out of food then days later, I thought I was going to die of starvation, But a little dog I name Chibi woke me and kept me form dying....

    Yet... afer a couple days with Chibi, and asking people from homes for food, no food and me and Xhibi forgot how food tasted like after some time...Chibi and I collapsed; but a young girl with blue hair and a paper flower came up and held out a loaf of bread to me... I split the bread with Chibi, and ate.... The girl was Konan; whom took me and Chibi to a place where there was a lot of food....

    many days to weeks later, we gave back to the people whomed we got and took food from then Yahiko, me, and Konan left with Chibi to find any of whom that was said to have been the Leaf's legendary 3 sannin to what was going on... But... On our way.... It was most likely one of Hanzo's paper bomb and kunai came down and killed Chibi... After Chibi's death we went to learn how to fight and more...

    .... never mind.. I guess what I'm sayig might get to be boring you, right?....," Nagato said with a worried yet cheery chuckle. Same would look at Nagato his light blue eyes showing sadness,pain,happiness, and hope. “Nagato...” he said softly “You have been through so much.. yet here you are trying to change the world.” he would look at Nagato with another smile. “I promise Nagato I will be like you! No matter what happens I will keep striving forward to change the world and make it better!” he smiled and giggle like the child he was at heart. Nagato chuckled and placed his left hand onto Same's hair and ruffled his hair playfully. "Heh. Keep that in your heart, cause one of the three legendary sannin or better known as Jiraiya Sensei told me and wrote about something to me once before..Would you like to know about what that was?" Same would look at Nagato still smiling and nods happily. Nagato smiled and looks upwards and says, "Jiraiya made a book about a special shinobi whom fought many to preserve and heal the world....To stop the fighting and some more for time, but that was where that nin was going from land to lan, using his hope and heart and abilties help him through the troubles. Upon the near ending of the book, the character was named a brave name by Jiraiya sensei....

    But in the first copy he left me, konan, and yahiko.... there was almsot like a note where he reminded and told me he based the character Off of a dream and me.... But I believe that if jiraiya snesei had it where it was like a dream come true, then any and all whom dream of peace and cease of sorrow would be just like that character in the book.... Strong, either in heart or physically, and ....

    much more... That book reminds me alot to cheer up when ever times seem sad.... Cause it reminds me of what my dream is and it gives hope..." Same would look at Nagato, his spirit seemed to rush back into him, he felt as if thou he had a new purpose in life. Losing his family wasn’t the end, he could keep going and help change peoples lives for the better and help others believe in this vision of true peace. “I promise Nagato.., he would look at Nagato his face beaming with life, I will help make that dream come true, no matter what happens. We can show everyone a world without hate!” he would giggle and close his eyes smiling even more, Nagato would look at Same and Nagato even smiled. Konan and Yahiko appear back outside of the door talking about something from their scouting, Same would look at Konan and Yahiko and wave still smiling. Yahiko and Konan both stop talking and wave at Same. Yahiko then said, "Hey there.. Looks like you're awake and cheery..." Konan nods with a small smile as she and Yahiko comes inside and sits next to Nagato. Nagato would say softly, "Hey, Yahiko and welcome back Konan, anything different than usual?" Yahiko looks at Nagato and says softly, "Hey.... Let me guess you stuck here to talk to Lil' Same, huh Nagato?" Nagato looks at Yahiko then back at Same then to Konan and says, " Well... I wanted to make him feel welcome... And do something that Jiraiya Sensei kinda did for us all...." Yahiko and Konan looks at Same and raises their attention slightly to how Nagato was acting around and towards Same then they both ruffle Nagato and Same's hair at the same time with a hand on each of them, as they chuckle. Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan all with a small smile and nods to Same saying, " Well, don't worry about that.... Heck lets get our dreams and also get this war and land from crying with stopping Hanzo and Danzo..." Same would keep smiling happiness finally running through his mind and soul again, he had found another family possible and he was determined to keep this one safe no matter what.


    A entire year would go by in Amegakure, Same would spend his time either in the small shack or in the shadows of the city with Nagato, Konan or Yahiko. Over the year Same consider Nagato almost like a teacher, telling him how to control the power that he held in his eyes and the thinking of Jiraya. Same would grow ever close to Konan thou, soon calling her Sama and considering her almost like a second mother. Yahiko relationship with Same would grow into a close knit brother relationship, Same would try to imitate Yahiko’s braveness and openness in many things thou still able to keep part of his ideas and personal thoughts behind in the shadows. Over the year thou each one would help him slowly understand more about his influence of the water around him, soon he began to control it better or more thoroughly with each passing day. Same would live in blissful happiness till his fifth birthday would arrive and once again life would lead him down a different path.


    Same would look at all three of them with tears in his eyes speaking shortly and rashly,” W-w-why do-o I ha-have to go!” he would keep crying rubbing his eyes. Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan all look towards and at Same. Nagato said gently, "Same, We would be heading into a dangerous fight where if we enter we may not come back... And if that happens we would need someone to continue and help... I know it may look sad and harsh, but with what is going on we may need some help with the move forward to stop the enemy and get this land to prosper and become

    better than it currently is...." Nagato's voice tailed Off some and Yahiko then said, "Hey... No need for tears, we are always gonna be your friends and be here for ya... Even if we go our separate ways, we will always have connecting to one another through our hearts and dreams..."

    As Yahiko finished saying what he said, Konan pulled out both of her palms towards Same and held a handful of a single paper rose then she said, "Cheer up... Don't worry, Who knows, life has it's twist and turns where we then can probably meet up in the future and yet as always be friends.... Remember, whom you are and about us, Same, cause when and or if something comes up you can always look to your heart and remember the times and what can and or should be done. we will be in your heart and dreams as you will be in ours....Friends forever, connected by bond..." Same would keep looking at them tears still flowed down his cheeks and eyes,”But.. but, where am I suppose to go, what am I suppose to do! I HAVE NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE FOR ME!” he would yell frustrated at them. They looked at Same and Konan said calmly, "Then no worry, no one knows what the future holds nor what fate has in store for us. So we all had something similar to what is going on here, from years before... When Jiraiya Sensei left us... Please, understand that you can do anything that you put your mind to, be strong, Same..." “Thats not fair.., Same would speak almost in a whisper, you had each other.. when Jiraiya left.. you had each other.. I have no one.. and no one will just be kind enough to open their hearts to some strange child..” he would lower his head his hood falling over to cover his face. Nagato kneeled down next to Same and said, "If you stick with us, Hanzo and his men and Danzo's men would follow us and or strike.... They might try to harm you or do worse.... We can not let you follow us into the next up coming fight.... It's just.... Just can not lose anymore cherished ones....." As Nagato said that a tear rolled down his left cheek and he tilted his head down towards the ground. Yahiko and Konan both look down to the ground and gives a slight nod of agreement. Nagato then looked up and into Same's face and said, "Trust me... Believe in us.... And be strong for us... We do not want to lose any more cherished ones and all, heck you are almost like a little brother that I never had to me, Same. And I do not want to lose any more.... Can you please be strong for us, till we return and find you after and as soon as we defeat Hanzo and Danzo...?" Same would look up at them rubbing the tears off his face and cheeks and nods slowly, “You promise..” he asked hopefully. Nagato nods as saying softly, "I promise". Konan and Yahiko then nod and say calmly, "Promise." Yahiko then jumped up and wrapped each arm around Same's neck and Nagato's neck then says, "Come on.... If we work together and not make too many mistakes we can make it to winning and rejoining.... Probably with a fest...hehehe...." Yahiko chuckled then closes his eyes and says, "After all, Nagato is the bridge to help and lead us to victory...." Nagato looked bluntly at Yahiko and says, "Well Yahiko is actually the bridge that holds our team and our moods up." Yahiko looks bluntly at Nagato then Konan says as she comes over and hugs Same and Yahiko and Nagato, "Well you all are the bridges that will help us to victory in a way or more... Right, Same?" He would look up into all their faces and smile,”Yeah.. we are, we all can change this world for the better, and when we do nothing can stop us from being a family.” he would keep smiling brightly. Konan leans down and kisses Same on the forehead gently, as she did, Nagato and Yahiko watched with either it was envy or awe or just something. Konan then moves back and says, "Well if we would be like a family then please... Do this for us by getting away from us for a while as we go to go after Hanzo.... please, Same." Same would look at her then at Nagato and Yahiko and nod,”I promise.. and i’ll come back when i’m stronger and I can show you all how much i’ve grown up.” he would smile and stand up. Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko began to pack up and Yahiko said, "I guess We are Off... The others in the akatsuki is not gonna wait forever.... Oh.. Same..." Same would look up at Yahiko waiting for him to continue. Yahiko placed his left hand on Same's head and continued, "...Be careful out there.... We do not want to lose you....Ok?" Same would smile, “ You guys better stay safe to.. or else when I get back i’ll teach you guys a lesson.” he would giggle childishly. Yahiko would shake his head and ruffle Same's hair, as saying, "Meh.. heh... You think ya can kick our butts?.... But ok... we will try to be safe...But if we find out you get hurt, I'm a come and give ya a lesson..." Same would smile and nod once more,” Yahiko... Nagato.. Konan.. I swear to you.. I will come back and I will help change the world for the better, no matter what happens from right now.. we are family and I will make you proud no matter what.” Same would say this great pride and joy coming from every word he spoke. Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko all together said and nodded, "Ok." and "True." then they finally said to Same, "I guess this is farewell till we all meet again...? Same would nod and watch them leave the shack and Same would sigh softly walking into his room and collecting anything and everything that would be helpful and useful on his journey, after he felt satisfied Same would throw on a sleek black cloak similar to the ones worn by Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko the day they met, he would then look at the corner of the room a special gourd that all of them helped him build as he looked over it he would smile and put it on and walks out of the shack and turns around and looks at it smiling softly, memories flowing back into him reminding him of every little thing they had done together. “Don’t worry guys.. I will keep my promise.” as he said this Same would turn around and head into town sticking to the shadows just like they had taught him. Soon Same would find himself blending into the crowd, soon Same would sneak past the gate guards and enter the woods once more, but instead of being that same lost child he was now familiar with the land and easily slipped through the dense forest and stopped at the small clearing where he met the three and set up a small camp to re-organize the items he had collected and get any other items he needed for the trip at a moments notice. As he re-arranges some items and got others into the pouches that were on his belt he felt a hand rest on his head and a voice speak out to him.


    Han same and sasori sennin have been traveling for days none stop. As they finally reach the beginning of death vally as they would walk they would walk towards a dead forest where from in the book it said where it said it was located. The three shin obi find them selves surrounded by dead trees and a fogy haze that enters the area.

    Han looks at same and sasori as he mutters ’’sassori sensai is this death vally’s woods’’ same would shutter towards han hiding behind him. Sasori looks down and sighs ’’ yes it is and its easy to get lost here so stay by my side’’. the two young shin obi would stay by sasoris side’s while the kikaichu would still be watching out for han same and sasori in case of an attack. Han suddenly smiles then the kikaichu would violently move catching an enemy that was getting ready to throw a paper bomb at han same and sasori. The bugs would violently flow up around the anbu’s body swarming him all over making him scream as loud as he can in pain while three anbu ninja ones mask of them mask has 2 blue lines going in front of his face. While the second would have black going from his forehead and down like a tiger stripe and holding a black sword in his left hand. With the last anbu has green tiger stripes all over his mask. As they jump out of the woods ready to attack han looks at sasori saying ’’sasori sensai I got this take same to safty I really want to do this on my own’’ sasori smiles and says ’’alright han make it quick’’ han smiles while the kikaichu finish up with the fourth mugger taking his chakra from him completely while the bugs flow towards Han violently as sasori grabs same by the waist and jumps away from han leaving nothing but a black line’s of there moving body’s. the kikaichu flow inside his gourd and cloths making his cloths move violently as they flow into his body.

    Hans eyes would be closed right before the muggers run towards him with increasable speed kicking up dirt as they ran towards han the black one would drag his sword along the ground making dirt spew up into the air. While the green one would jump into the air throwing 4 kunai towards han. While they whistle through the air. With the blue trying to run behind han and arching his arms getting ready to throw kunai at him as well. Hans eyes would open as he mutters the words ‘’byakugan’’ lines grow in his eyes making them seem like a chrystal as chakra pulses through the eyes with veins growing along the side of his eyes. Making him able to see chakra points. He quickly looks towards the muggers as the three kunai that are flying towards him whistle towards him han would duck dodging the first kunai. He suddenly drops his left hand down making the pushing his body high into the air avoiding the other 2 kunai. Han would suddenly spin while the black masked anbu would jump towards han swinging his sword up wards towards han. Shadows from hans gourd would shoot down with alarming rate of speed.

    Shadows would hit the sword the shadows would act like a high defence blocking the metal blade. The anbu would slightly gasp. Hans body would spin while the blue one would throw kunai at han pointing his arms upwards. The kunai would whistle through the air as the shadows would act as a small tiny wall from where the kunai are going making them stick into the shadows. Han would do a few hand signs as he mutters ’’kurayami art eternal darkness jutsu’’. the shadows from his groud would attach to other shadows from the forest connecting one to another making the whole area black. Han would smile insanely cuz from now han can use the shadows as an evasion.

    Han body would suddenly drip into the shadows away from the three anbu as they mutter the words what the fuck is this kid’’ han would suddenly appear behind the blue anbu han smile seeing all his chakra points he bends his knees and sticks out his arms making one foot stretch out in front and the back one bent. Left arm facing the blue anbu with his left palm sticking upwards and his right arm behind him straight out using the palm to stick out up wards. Han would suddenly mutter after the ground turns into a black and bright green ying yang. He mutters the words ‘’ 8 tragram gentle fist art 64 palms’’ han would thrust his palms towards the blue anbu with great striking blows into the anbus back with quick jabs. Han spins his body moving his pointing finger and middle finger out with the other hand doing the same hitting him in two chakra points per hand from the fingers. Hans body would spin rapidly in a circle dragging his feet on the ground bringing up dirt as he slides.

    Han would suddenly thrust his hands towards the anbus chest with eight blows to his chest. The anbu would moan and grown in pain while han thrusts another set of palms towards this one anbus chest. The other anbu would try to help but would be stopped by a wall of shadows flowing up in front of them. All there able to hear is there comrade moaning in pain for each blow.

    Han would begin to thrust his palms faster towards this anbu releasing a bunch of chakra for each incredible blow that was made. Han would have hit sixteen palms by now han would begin to thrust even faster then before while he moves his arms for a quick strike making him hit 32 palms while han smiles while he finishes it with his arms moving at such an alarming rate all you can see is black lines moving towards this anbu. This anbu would be finished right after the 64 palms were done. Han would mutter the words for each second that went by for every time he finished a set of attacks. ’’ eight trigrams two palms ….. Four palms …. Eight palms …. Sixteen palms ….thirty two palms…. (on the ending on his last blow he would hit shouting his voice higher ) SIXTY FOUR PALMS ‘’ han would disappear in the shadows once again while the shadow wall that was blocking the 2 anbu would fade away revealing there friend all lifeless. They would look all around looking for han.

    They suddenly hear a laughter from all directions around them as they begin to feel quite abit of chakra being released from all around them. Han would suddenly appear four feet in front of them. Han would smile crazly while the black anbu began to run towards han. The black anbus sword would light up with electricity from him using his elemental jutsu. Han’s eyes would widen as the sword would come down at han. Han would jump to the left side avoiding the blade making the blade go straight down. Han begins to do a hand sign quickly with one hand as he fuses his element of earth nature into his chakra nature. Han mutters the words ‘’earth style earth spike jutsu’’ han would stomp on the ground as the ground around han would shatter like glass into the air. As big shards of earth come out of the ground al around the black anbu piercing him making the only thing you can hear from his is a loud scream and a crunching sound. The blue anbu would just watch with his eyes widened. As he looks down han threatened as he just begins to run towards han cowardly throwing his left arm towards han with all his strength.

    Shadows would fly up acting like a defence as he hits it feeling like he hit a wall. Han smiles as the shadows would flow towards the last anbu with alarming rate swarming around him from all directions as han mutters the words ’’darkness coffin’’ shadows would tighten him inside like a cocoon. Han raises his hands into the air putting his fingers up in the air as he mutters the last words ’’ darkness rack jutsu’’ the shadows would slowly grip onto the anbus legs and arms then quickly rip his arms and legs right off spewing blood every where.

    After the fight was over han breaths heavily and falls to his hands and knees.


    After Han defeated the 4 bandits he would get back up on his legs while he begins to walk in the direction where the scroll would be. Sasori and same would jump out of a tree and land right beside han while they look at him as same says ‘’ That was amazing hanny’’ han would smile while he continues to walk ‘’
    sasori looks at han saying ‘’nice job youngling just keep ur eye out for the oldest looking tree’’ han would smile while he says ‘’ then why are we on the ground if it’s the oldest tree shouldn’t it be the tallest ‘’ sasori says in a slight normal tone ‘’ not really this tree is dead remember that ‘’ han was disappointed while he points his arms out once again sending the kikaichu beetles through out the forest once again searching for the oldest tree. The bugs would be out for hours while the sun would begin to move downwards to finally fall asleep. Han would look up at the sky while all three stop as he begins to think then says. ‘’Sasori sensai what would happen after if I got the scroll’’ he would look at as he stops and looks at han while same would trip on a rock after he looks at han and sasori talking. Sasori would say ’’ That is all up to you han.’’

    Han would sigh as he would continue walking while he walks towards same reaching out his left hand while he waits for same to bring his hand towards han. Same would reach up while han and same clentch hands and han begins to pull up same off the ground while a kikaichu beetle lands on hans arm while he the little beetle says ‘’its over here han this way quick’’ han would let go of same while he runs towards the beete while same land son the ground with one loud thus while sasori runs after han with same just beginning to run after him han would run through trees and bushes while the other kikaichu beetles would flow back into hans clothing and gourd while the one that found the scroll would continue to fly.

    They would race down through the trees and bushes while an old tree that looks like its falling apart would be shown bark peeling off as the bug would slow down landing onto the tree as han looks at the tree for a glance all shocked on how the tree looked. The tree branches that were on it would look like beetle wings as han looks theres a huge hole on the bottom of the tree sasori and same would finally catch up as same jumps in front of han and says ‘’hanny that was mean you bum’’ han grabs sames head and points him at the tree same would just stare and say ‘’it’s a dead tree what do you guys want with a dead tree ‘’

    Han would move his hand towards his face while he just slightly smiles and laughs and begins to sayy ‘’the scroll is here same’’ same eyes would widen as he says ‘’ohhhhhhhh’’ han would begin to walk towards it./ han would walk on branches making cracking sounds every time he walks towards it sasori would sit there and wait while han makes it up to the dead tree as he bends down on his knees and moves his left arm towards it trying to feel inside of it the beetle would say in a tiny voice ‘’its up the tree han ‘’ han looks and says ‘’ well that coulda explained it thank you ‘’ han would move his hand up it feeling some typ of paper as he begins to tug. The scroll would fall down into his hands and begins to pull it out the neon scroll with red blue green on it would show as han looks at it wide eyed and jumps around looking at sasori. Sasori would begin to walk towards it as he says ‘’ all you need to do is sign it how you do that is you use your own blood and fill in your name don’t forget to use your finger prints from all five fingers ‘’ han smiles while he roles the scroll open and he looks and then looks up saying ‘’why has no one signed this scroll sasori sensai ‘’ sasori says ‘’you’re the only one who tried to find it’’ han would nod and brung his pointing finger towards his mouth and chomp down making his finger bleed as he begins to bring down his hand and push his finger against the paper.

    He would sign his name tapping each of his fingers with his own blood and pushing it against the paper right under his name as he smiles while he finishes. Sasori would smile while he says k now that you signed it we may as well head back to your village and go trian in your villages forests’’ they would begin to head back towards kurayami as it was days befor they reach the areas of the fire nation once again and head for amegakure passing through it and going right for kurayami right after. Hans trip took him almost 2 months to finish the scroll hunting. They would end back up at kurayami while Saharra would hear the news that han was back she would race towards hans house as she gets distracted by a penne on the ground and smash into a poll head first.

    But han wasn’t home he was In kurayami forest training with sasori on summoning. Sasori would be showing on how to summen while he bites onto his finger and chomps down onto his left thumb drawing blood while he begins to do a summoning and focuses all the chakra to go to his hands and then he slams it down into the ground and mutters the wall [b]‘’summoning jutsu’’
    a full body sized emperor scorpion would appear in with a huge cloud of smoke. Hans eyes would widen as he looks at the ground then looks at the scorpion same would flail off a tree while he watches. Landing on the ground and running up to the scorpion and poking it. Han would look at it while the red stinger and huge claws show . Sasori would jump on top of the scorpion with wind flowing around him and sit down calmly . The scorpion would speak ‘’sasori whos this brat ‘’ sasori would say ’’leave the boy alone hes training to be come one of us ‘’ the scorpion would groan and say ‘’keep hi maway he smells like food to me’’ sasori would shake his head while the scorpian would poof right after he jumps up into the air as he lands in front of han saying ’’ K han we need you to do a summoning but you have to level your chakra nature to do so it has to be exact.’’

    Han slightly laughs as he begins to do a few hand signs and mutters a few words right after digging his cyanine into his thumb drawing blood and says ’’ mushi summoning jutsu’’ he would smash his hand into the ground while a huge puff of smoke appears revealing a large tortoise beetle. With a large puff of smoke flowing around the beetle hand would look at it while it says [b]’’ holy crap a human summoned me ….how…. Di… how did you find the scroll. han smiles while he looks at sasori sasori as sasori looks wide eyed as he looks down at han and says ‘’ how did you get it on the first try’’ han would laugh as he begins to say while the beetle trys to talk ’’ well my whole chakra network is made up of constant moving chakra if I don’t level my chakra any way my body cannot cooperate on what im doing. For instant if I used aburame bugs kurayami art at the same time I have to level it one will be stronger then the other mostly the kurayami abilities would be the weakest’’ sasori looks and says oh while the beetle sits there with its shell almost touching the ground. Han would turn to the beetle and say ’’ I found you from a book sasori sensai found ‘’ the beetles eyes would glow then he would sigh and say

    ’’ well then in that case ill be taking him now sasori since hes the first to sign this scroll ill introduce him to mushi kami and we will train him on some of the ways when he gets back you train him the rest of the way we will teach him how to become a sage you must teach him sage mode ‘’ the beetle would smile while he poofs after sasori sennin says ’’alright

    To Be Continued

    The beetle would raise it’s legs towards its mouth while biting down onto his low arm drawing a bit of his own blood. The beetle would suddenly do a few hand signs while slamming his hand down into the ground muttering ‘’Summoning jutsu’’ the beetle would instantly summon Han with smoke all around him. Hans eyes would widen and say once he seen the Mushi forest exotic creatures and exotic plants while a big fountain of none sticky substance. Some of the trees would reach to over 100s and 100s of feet. Not any way for him to see the sky. slight glimpses’ from the sun peering down through holes in the leaves with roots sticking out of the ground with houses all around. Han would look around while the beetle that summoned him looks down and says ’’ well han we need to go see the elders of mushi forest right away’’ han is still shocked on how beautiful this place is as han opens his mouth ’’ um I like it here I really don’t want to go’’ the beetle just pulls han along while han trys to get the glimps of the beautiful forest.

    Few minutes of walking gose by and the beetle and han stand in front of a huge palace. The beetle would look down at hand saying ‘’this is where the elders are theres ,ishotobi ,tonoishi ,talnashi ,ressawshi. These are the elder beetles they will help guid you through sage training han would look at the 2 large wooden doors. While they begin to open from the middle of the doors. Making the doors open the opposite way han’s eye brows raise as he looks at the beetle ’’ hey dude ur doors are broken there opening from the wrong way ’’ the beetle looks at han don’t blame me there just rentals hans eyes raises once again. While the beetle stares off into the distance ’’we got them from a market place called Ebay its really cheap nice and affordable and you don’t need to pay the messenger ninja extra……fast little fucking buggers. Its some where near the leaf village I believe. But any way we should get inside befor we keep them waiting any longer han would just shake his head at the door then they walk through han looks at the beetle ’’are they even expecting me’’ the beetles eyes would widen while he pulls out an unsure smile of course they are why wouldn’t they be …………..’’ the beetle would shift his eyes. Ha just shakes his head as they would walk into the court yard. A beetle that has ahis shell completely touching the ground. Han looks as the beetles eyes widen he trys to quickly walk into the dorm of the elders areas he would try to run but his shell would be keeping him from running han while he screams at the top of his lungs.

    Han the doors to the meeting room of the 4 elder beetles open up. Han would walk in with the other beetle while he enters he would look down at these 4 chairs. 3 would spin around han would hear a faint hazy voice in the first chair. Ishotobi would speek with a huge staff in one of his grasps he would say ‘’welcome young boy we never would have guessed we would finally have are first shin obi to sign are
    scrolls ‘’
    han would sit there while talnashi would be sitting beside the chair with no beetle in it he would give han a faint look. Han would look at him while the oldest ressawshi stands up and says ’’so what brings you here han ‘’ han would close his eyes then speak out while breathing in deeply [b]’’ I wish to become the mushi sage ‘’ a slight silent pause would fill the room. Ressashi would say in a low voice ’’ young one do you think your ready to become the mushi sage’’ han looks blankly at the ground not knowing what to say so he just gose out with random words ’’ I wanna become the mushi sage and I know im ready I wanna proove to people that ican do something not something I cannot ive been put down my entire life and I want that to change’’ the beetle sighs
    alright han ill see what we can do but if you do get the training to become mushi sage. I promise you it wont be easy’’[/b] han would nod his head his smiles with relief. Tonoshi would be screaming into the room saying ’’I SEEN A HUMAN HES HERE WHAT ARE WE GOING TO ……oh tonoshi would stand there puzzled and says ’’ just a warning drill people no worries uhh I was just making sure you guys were aware of this young boy the other beetles sitting in the chair mutters ‘’tonoshi just get in your chair so we can speek about what is going to happen with this young lad and if you may can you let us be so we can make are decision’’ han would nod while he steps outside of doors of the beetles

    Tonoshi would begin to talk saying ’’ so im guessing this is about han being the mushi sage’’ he would cross his arms while ressashi talks saying ’’he has been the only shin obi to sign the scroll’’ ishotobi would begin to speak ’’ but it dosnt giv ehim the right to become the mushi sage it takes years of training for this what makes him so special ‘’ talnashi would smile he just shakes his head muttering ‘’ the point of him being the mushi sage is that he is trying to make a difference he is trying to and he looks devoted to do this I find no problem with han training as the mushi sage. Ittle help us with the next shin obi to sign are scroll. I can sence great things from this boy and I know you guys do to we should at least try the other beetle elders would sigh and say ’’ alright’’ talnishi would open his huge wings and fly towards the door opening it while han was sitting onto the steps that led into the elders chambers. Han looks up while the talnashi looks down at han and says in a firm strong voice ’’ we will train yo uthe way of the mushi and to become mushi sage’’ han would jump up with joy and shouts ’’REALLY YOU MEAN IT han would look at the beetle and bow down showing his respect for this old beetle. The beetle that brought him there would be standing right next to han while the elder beetle says ’’k take han to the mush training grounds were going to get him to focus on senjutsu there. ‘’ the beetle would nod and begin to bring han towards the training ground.

    They would begin to head out towards the training ground which was only a 4 minute walk han would smile from how happy he was from the elders decision. Han would enter the training ground. Big statues would be around 4 corners of the arena shaped as beetles in there focusing pose.


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